Lunchbreak: e + o chef Rodelio Aglibot makes ribeye chimicurri streak

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Chef Rodelio Aglibot

125 Randhurst Village Drive
Mount Prospect


Recipe from today:




Quantity              Unit                                       Ingredient

3                              oz                                          Minced Spanish Onion

3                              oz                                          Minced Garlic

3                             oz                                          Chopped Parsley

1                              oz                                          Chopped Chives

1.5                          oz                                          Chopped Oregano

1.5                          tsp                                         Chili Flake

.5                           oz                                           Kosher Salt

2                           cup                                         Olive Oil




  1. Combine and mix ingredients into a blender or food processor
  2. Pulse ingredients until the become uniform, DO NOT puree, you want some texture


As Steak marinade:


Use your favorite cut of beef , marinade in chimichurri for at least 4 hours.

Cook on grill to desired temperature. Serve with chimichurri sauce on side.


As sauce: add 1TBS of white vinegar to a cup of chimichurri to use as a sauce



Confit potato for Patas Bravas


Quantity              Unit                          Ingredient

3                              cup                         Small New Potatoes or Yukon potatoes  about 2” diameter

4                              cup                         Canola Oil

1.5                          Tsp                          Kosher Salt

1                              Tbl                          Peppercorn

2                              ea                           Bay Leaf




  1. Combine all ingredients into saucepot
  2. Cook on med-low flame until fork tender (Light simmer) about 45 minutes
  3. Remove from oil, let cool.  Then quarter cut potatoes
  4. Deep fry at 350 until  golden brown, transfer t bowl and season with paprika dust and salt


Paprika Dust


Quantity                                Unit                                     Ingredient

1.5                                          oz                                           Ground Spanish Paprika

4                                              oz                                           Granulated Garlic

2                                              oz                                           Onion Powder

2.5                                          oz                                           Ground Turneric

1                                             oz                                           Dry oregano

7                                              oz                                           Kosher Salt

.5                                            oz                                           Cayenne



  1. In a bowl combine all ingredients and mix well
  2. store



Braised Escarole


Quantity                                Unit                                     Ingredient

6                                              Oz                                        2’’ Chopped and cleaned escarole

2                                              Oz                                          Chicken Stock

1                                              Tbl                                         Canola Oil

1                                              Tbl                                         Soy Sauce

2                                              Tbl                                       Chopped bacon

1                                              pinch                                    cracked pepper




  1. Saute bacon and render fat, cook bacon until crispy
  2. Deglaze with Chicken Stock
  3. Add Escarole and braise until slightly wilted
  4. Add Soy and fresh cracked pepper


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