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Executive Chef Mike Sheerin

Taureaux Tavern

155 W. Van Buren St., Chicago


Croque Monsieur: 2 portions

– 4 ea. Brioche Slices

– 4 oz. (1/2 cup) Ham, (Local If Possible)

– 4 ea. Gruyere, Sliced thin

– 2 oz. (4 T) Dijon Mustard

– 2 oz. (4 T)  Mayo

– 4 oz.  (1/2 cup) Softened Butter

1) Lay the brioche slices out and spread butter from edge to edge

2) Allow the butter to harden by placing into the fridge for a couple of minutes

3) After butter is cold, flip the bread

4) On one side spread mustard, on the other spread mayo

5) Season with salt and pepper

6) Next, lay cheese on one side and Ham on the other – equal parts

7) Bring the two sides together and apply pressure to whole sandwich to seal together

8) After sandwich has been sealed, slowly caramelize in a nonstick pan until golden brown

9) Flip after first has correct color on it

10) Place whole sandwich in 350°F oven for 4 minutes

11) After it comes out, cut into strips for dipping

 8 Minute Egg:

– 4 ea. Local Farm Eggs

– 1 ea. Large Pot boiling water

– 1 ea. Egg Topper

1) Bring Water to a boil

2) Drop eggs into water and set timer for 8 minutes

3) After 8 minutes remove from water and drop into cool water

4) Using egg topper, clip the top of the egg and shell

5) Place into egg holder, and season lightly

 Avocado Half:

– 1 ea. Avocado

1) Cut avocado in half and remove flesh from each side

2) Slice flesh lengthwise season lightly and lay on the plate next to eggs