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Ben Lustbader, chef and partner of Giant restaurant.


3209 W. Armitage Ave.



Scribe Wine Dinner at Giant: 

A different kind of spirit will make a guest appearance at Giant (3209 W. Armitage Ave.) this Halloween. The Logan Square hot spot welcomes Vintner Adam Mariani of the acclaimed Scribe Winery in Sonoma, CA for a special SCRIBE Night on Wednesday, October 31.

Together with Giant Beverage Director Josh Perlman, Mariani will pour a selection of new releases, including the 2018 NOUVEAU of Pinot Noir, to pair with Giant’s menu. The winery, whose bottles are popular on Giant’s acclaimed list, produces vibrant, terroir-driven wines and regularly hosts SCRIBE Nights around the country to introduce new varietals and connect with oenophiles. This is their only stop in Chicago this fall.

Giant will offer its regular menu, created by Chefs Jason Vincent and Ben Lustbader, highlighted with a selection of dishes and Scribe wine pairings. Perlman and Mariani will be on hand to offer their wine knowledge to any wine enthusiasts.

Reservations are available on Reserve and all dishes and drinks will be served a la carte.


Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Crunch w/ Cake Crumbles

To Assemble:

Scoop the ice cream into balls and place directly into a bowl of cold streusel. With gloved hands, toss and gently pat the ice cream balls until they are evenly coated. Spread the cake crumbs on a plate leaving some empty space in the center. Spoon the coffee caramel into that empty space. Place the ice cream balls onto the coffee caramel. Top with fudge sauce.

* You can use any cake you would like – crumble the pieces of cake to your liking.

*You can use your favorite ice cream.

Almond Streusel:

Butter-small diced and cold: 16 TB (225 grams)

Almonds-chopped: 3 cups (360 grams)

AP flour: 2.14 cups (300 grams)

Sugar: 1.33 cups (270 grams)

Cocoa powder: .33 cup (30 grams)

Malted milk powder: .33 cup (60 grams)

Mix in kitchen aid mixer with a paddle until it is the consistency of wet sand, approximately 4 minutes on low speed.

Bake at 350 for 10 minutes. Rotate and bake for an additional 10 minutes. Allow to cool and then pulse in a food processor.

Fudge sauce:

Chocolate (58%): .25 cup (30g)

Cocoa powder: .25 cup (18g)

Salt: one pinch (.5g)

Corn syrup: .75 cup (225g)

Sugar: 5 tsp (25g)

Cream: .25 cup (55g)

Warm corn syrup, sugar, and cream and pour over the chocolate, cocoa, and salt. Stir until smooth. Keep warm before use.

Coffee caramel:

Corn syrup: .7 cup (212 grams)

Sugar: 1.5 cups (305 grams)

Salt: 1 tsp (5 grams)

Cream: 1.5 cups (317 grams)

Butter 3.5 TB (48 grams)

Instant coffee: .25 cup (13 grams)

Dissolve instant coffee in cream and set aside. Boil the corn syrup in a pot. Add about 1/3 of the sugar, allow to dissolve completely and repeat twice more. Stir infrequently. Cook to 325 degrees (you will need a candy thermometer). Remove the pot from the heat and add butter, salt, and the coffee-cream. Stir to incorporate. (be careful, it is very very hot and will boil up as you add the cream)