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Stephen Sandoval

Entre Sueños

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Yellowfin Aguachile


1 lb of Yellow fin tuna

(or albacore tuna, snapper, kampachi)

Leche De Tigre

2 cups Lime juice

2 inch piece of Ginger

¾ c Green olive pitted

3ea Tomato’s Roasted

1 Tbsp of chopped Habanero

3 ½  Tbsp Sugar

2 ½ Tbsp Salt

½ Cup of olive oil

¼ tsp Xanthan Gum  (optional)


Picked Cilantro

Cherry Tomatoes


Slice Red Onion

Fried Capers (optional)

For the Leche De Tigre

  1. Set oven to 400 degrees and roast tomato for 15 mins
  2. Blend a 2 inch piece of ginger without the skin with 1 cup water and strain .
  3. Combine ginger juice, lime juice, habanero, salt and sugar in a blender until smooth.
  4. Slowly drizzle in oil to emulsify
  5. While blender is running on low slowly add xanthan gum to thicken.  Turn the blender to medium and continue for 1 minute until thickened. Adjust seasoning with additional salt or sugar if desired.

Prepare Garnishes

  1. Cut the yellowfin tuna into blocked portions and either slice thin or cube the pieces
  2. For the capers, heat 2 cups of canola oil in a pot to 350 F.  Pat dry the capers to remove excess moisture.  Gently place the capers in the oil for about 2-3 minutes until crispy and not bubbling (water evaporated).  Strain and set on paper towels.
  3. Dice Avocado into squares, slice red onion thin and pick cilantro


  1. In a Bowl place the tuna as desired on the plate. 
  2. Pour the “leche de tigre” around the fish and completely cover the plate.
  3. Garnish with cilantro, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onion, and fried capers.