Lunchbreak: Watermelon Shrimp Salad and details on Chicago Gourmet’s Go Gourmet Dinner Series

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Cedric Harden, Executive Chef, River Roast

Carolina Diaz, Executive Chef, Terzo Piano

Chefs Harden and Diaz will host special evening in the Go Gourmet Dinner Series presented by UnitedHealthcare on Thursday, September 24th at River Roast.

Go Gourmet Dinner Series:

An innovative new addition to Chicago Gourmet’s 2020 lineup, the dinner series features uniquely curated, in-person events hosted by some of the city’s most beloved chefs on various dates between September 14 – 30. Remarkable, multi-course dinner events will be paired with wine and spirit selections courtesy of Unshackled by the Prisoner Wine Company, Legent Boubon and more.

Proceeds from the events will benefit the IRAEF Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, adding to a much-needed financial support for industry workers in urgent need.

For a full list of Go Gourmet events, along with a full lineup and links to reservations and tickets, visit


Chef Cedric Harden & Chef Carolina Diaz

Watermelon Shrimp Salad
Serves 4

Sherry Vinaigrette:

1.5 cups Sherry vinegar

1.5 tablespoons Dijon Mustard

2 each Shallots, small diced

½ tablespoons  Honey

2 tablespoons   Salt

1 tablespoon     Pepper

3 cups Canola Oil

Whisk all ingredients (except the oil )in a bowl. In a slow and steady stream whisk in the oil until combined.

Pickled Papaya :

1 each   Green papaya, shredded

2 cups Rice vinegar

2 cups  Water

1 cup    Sugar

½ cup   Salt

In a sauce pot add rice vinegar, water, sugar, and salt and bring to a boil.

Take off the heat and add to papaya.

Allow to pickle for 4 hours.


½ lbs    26/30   Gulf shrimp

4 cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tablespoons   Whole black peppercorns

Peels of 1 orange and 1 lemon

In a deep sauce pot add all ingredients.

Place the pot on medium heat and poach shrimp while stirring for 4-5 minutes. Shrimp should be firm and pink.

To plate:

Place pickled papaya on the bottom of the plate.

Toss cubed watermelon, torn tarragon, torn basil, and torn mint, and tarragon vinaigrette and mix together.

Add watermelon to the plate.

Place shrimp over the watermelon and garnish with crushed black pepper and sea salt. Enjoy!


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