Chef Macku Chan, Executive Chef of KŌMO


738 W Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60661


Wagyu Wraps:

2 1-oz pieces of Wagyu Meat

1/8 cup of Unagi Sauce

1 pinch of Sesame Seed

1/4 cup of Microgreens

1 Lime slice

1 pinch of chopped Almonds

For Asian Slaw:

2 Green Onion Stems

1/2 cup of Red Onion

1 Lady Apple

1 Daikon (2 thin slices)

Directions: Julienne all ingredients, mix together.

For Cilantro Oil:

1 oz (2T) Olive Oil

1 sprig of Cilantro

Directions: Poach the cilantro in oil, Blend them together, Strain the cilantro to separate the oil.

For Garlic Puree:

1 clove of garlic

1/4 cup of heavy cream

Directions: Braise garlic in heavy cream until soft, then puree.

To put together:

1) Take 2 thin slices of Daikon and put the garlic puree on the daikon. Add chopped almonds.

2) Grill Wagyu for 5 seconds on each side, chop, put on top of daikon

3) Add Asian Slaw on top of the daikon

4) Roll the daikon and place in your plate

5) Drizzle Cilantro oil all over

6) Garnish with Unagi Sauce drizzle, pinch of sesame seeds, microgreens and dehydrated lime.