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Shin Thompson

The X Pot Chicago – 1147 S Delano Ct. East, Chicago, IL 60605


Wagyu Tartare

3oz wagyu beef

1 tsp black and white pepper

1 tsp mustard seed

1 tsp red onions 

1 tsp soy sauce

3 slice radish

1 jidori egg

1 tsp diced chives

.25 oz caviar

1 wedge key lime 

Season salt 


Dice into cubes wagyu meat then mix in black and white pepper, mustard seed, red onion, chives, soy sauce. Place in a serving dish then place slice radish around, top with Jidori egg, place caviar on to pond egg and salt and key lime use for taste.

Wagyu Katsu Sandwich

2oz wagyu tenderloin

1 egg

Panko bread crumbs

Corn starch

Salt and pepper

Japanese milk bread

Japanese mustard 

Katsu sauce


Bread the tenderloin by dipping in corn starch, then egg, then Panko breadcrumbs. Fry until medium.

Take milk bread and toast then spread Japanese mustard on slice and katsu on other slice bread place tenderloin in center then cut into 4 pieces.