Marcos Campos, Group Executive Chef and Partner of Bonhomme Hospitality 

Mama Delia

1721 W Division St. Chicago, IL 60622



VIERAS XO: Scallops from Mama Delia by Chef Marcos Campos


For Seaweed Cream:

– 2 cups heavy cream 

– ½ cup Seaweed – Recommend fresh sea lettuce seaweed 

– 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– ¼ cup Parsley 

For XO Sauce:

– 1 cup minced garlic

– 1 ½ cups gr minced shallots

– 4 tbsp gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

– ¾ lb ground Jamón Ibérico 

– 1 cup shrimp oil 

– ½ cup soy sauce 

– 1 cup fish sauce

– 2 tsp gr spicy Pimentón

For Scallops:

– 6 pc Atlantic Scallops 

– 2 tbsp Wasabi Seasoned Japanese Arare 

– 10 – 12 pc Nasturtium Leafs 

– 1 tsp Sea Salt 

– 2 tbsp Olive Oil 


  • Make the Galician Seaweed Cream:
  • Blanch parsley for ten seconds in salted boiling water
  • Take the parsley out of the hot water and refresh in cold water 
  • Once parsley is cold, blend with the hot heavy cream and seaweed until it becomes very green (normally takes about two minutes at a high speed)
  • Finish with olive oil and blend it for another 30 seconds to incorporate it 
  • Keep it warm until platting 
  • Make the Mama Delia XO Sauce:
  • Start cooking the garlic and the shallots at a medium heat with the Olive Oil until it caramelizes
  • Once the garlic and the shallots are ready, add the ground Jamón Ibérico and cook together for about 15 minutes on low heat
  • After, add the pimentón and cook for a few seconds before pouring in the fish sauce and the soy sauce 
  • Cook the combination for twenty minutes with the shrimp oil on low heat to infuse all the flavors together
  • Once done, put the sauce in jars and let it ferment at room temperature for a minimum of five days before using it.
  • Prepare the scallops:
  • Season the cleaned scallops with sea salt 10 minutes before cooking them and set aside
  • Get a non stick pan hot with the olive oil 
  • Put the scallops on the pan on a medium high heat to create a really nice sear
  • After 20 seconds, flip the scallops and cook for another 40 seconds, we want to cook them medium to medium rare temperature, just making sure are warm inside 
  • When still on the pan, add a tbsp of XO sauce on top of each scallop and cook everything together for the last 30 seconds
  • After, take scallops out of the pan and place them in a tray to rest for a little bit before plating 
  • Plate the dish:
  • Place about one tablespoon of the seaweed cream on the bottom of the scallops shell
  • Add the scallops with the XO sauce on top of the cream and finish it with japanese arare (rice crisps) 
  • Garnish with the leafs of nasturtium for a peppery finish flavor note on it
  • Don’t wait too long to eat them as they will get cold!!