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James Martin, Chef/Owner

Bocadillo Market

2342 N Clark St. Chicago IL, 60614

Open: Wednesday through Saturday 8am to 9pm — Café hours 8am to 4pm and dinner 5pm to 9pm

*New* Sunday Brunch 10am to 4pm


Tuna Crudo


Fresh sushi grade tuna- 1/2 cup

Artichokes- 1 tsp

Toasted almonds- ½ tsp

Piparra peppers- ¼ tsp

Parsley fresh or dry- ¼ tsp

Citrus oil- ½ tsp

Harissa oil-  ¼ tsp

Harissa paste- ¼ tsp


Orange segments- 1 tbsp

Crostini or crackers

Salt & pepper, pinch

  1. Gather a bowl and place the bowl on an ice bath to keep your fresh tuna cold. Before you dice your tuna, first mince your artichokes, Piparra peppers.
  2. Next segment your orange, finely chop your parsley and almonds and slice the avocado
  3. Dice your tuna and toss it in the chilled bowl and then add your artichokes, almonds, peppers, parsley, and drizzle the oils over the tuna and mix it well. Finish with a few pinches of salt and pepper.
  4. Gather your crostini’s or crackers and top it off with your sliced avocado
  5. Top off the avocado crostini with the diced tuna