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TORTELLONI with Kabocha Squash, Sage, Parmigiano

makes seven servings

vegetarian if foie butter is omitted

Pasta Dough

1c OO flour (can sub all purpose flour)

1/2c Semolina flour

9 Egg yolks

1/4 c Water

1T Olive oil


1. Sift dry ingredients together (flours)

2. Combine all wet ingredients together (egg yolks, water, olive oil)

3. Make a well in the center of dry ingredients and pour in wet ingredients.

4. With a fork, start to bring together the dough by mixing in flour into the egg until it starts to make a dough.

5. With a bench scraper, combine all ingredients and knead for 5 minutes.

6. Rest the dough for an hour wrapped in plastic, or overnight in the fridge to rest the gluten.

7. Using a pasta roller attachment on your mixer, or a just rolling pin, roll your dough until it’s about 1/8 inch thick.

8. Cut out with a circle cutter your desired shape size.

9. Place filling (recipe below) inside the circle, spray lightly with water, and fold the dough in half to make a half moon shape.

10. From there, using your middle and index finger, lift the sides of the dough up, place your thumb in the middle to make a divot, and then wrap the dough around your thumb making an “ok” sign with your finger, and pinch.

Kabocha Squash Filling

2oz Canola oil

1x Kabocha squash (or Butternut squash if you can’t find one)

2 Sprigs thyme

1 Sprig rosemary

1 Stick butter, browned on the stovetop


1. Preheat the oven to 350F.

2. Cut and seed squash in half, season with oil, salt, and pepper to taste.

3. In the cavity of the squash, place the thyme and rosemary. Place in baking pan, cut side down.

4. Roast until very tender, and you’re able to scoop the flesh out.

5. Puree in a food processor while streaming in the browned butter until very smooth.

6. Season with salt to taste.

7. Place in a piping bag, and cool down.

Foie Gras Butter (optional topping)

1c butter, soft

1/2 foie gras trim


1. In a pre-heated pot, render foie gras until fat is released. This means you sear it until the fat has separated!

2. In a blender, puree all foie, its fat, and butter. Mix with butter until combined. Cool down in fridge.


1/4c Unsalted butter, diced

5 Sage leaves

1/2c Pasta water (plus additional)

8 Tortelloni (recipe above!)

2T Foie gras butter (recipe above)

1/2 Lemon, juice

3T Parmesan cheese

Black pepper mill Salt to taste


1. In a large pot, bring water up to a boil and season with salt until the water tastes like the sea. Lower to simmer.

2. In a separate thick-bottomed pot, slowly brown the butter with the sage until golden brown and the sage is crispy and perfumes the butter.

3. Remove sage and remove the thick-bottomed pot from the heat to slightly cool down. Then, while shaking the pot, slowly add pasta water to create a sauce.

4. Add the Tortelloni to the pot of simmering water and cook until they are tender (about a minute — they’ll rise when almost ready).

5. Add the Tortelloni to the butter sauce pan.

6. Cook the pasta in the sauce until it starts to glaze and reduce, then add the foie gras butter, turn heat off, and toss until well glazed and emulsified.

7. Finish with lemon juice and salt if needed.

8. Plate into a bowl with the Tortelloni all facing up, spoon butter sauce all over, and finish with the crispy sage leaves, parmesan, and black pepper for garnish.