Jeff Mauro – Event Emcee for St. Jude Dream Chicago

Giuseppe Tentori – Boka Restaurant Group / Premier Restaurant Partner for St. Jude Dream Chicago


  • St. Jude Dream Chicago – Saturday, September 30 in Millennium Park – 201 E. Randolph St., Chicago – 5pm doors open, 6:45pm entertainment begins
  • Tickets available at
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Tomato & Crab Salad


·                      6 Medium sized- round tomatoes (Beefsteak or the tomatoes on the vine work great)

·                      2 oz. Arugula

·                      1 Ball of Burrata

·                      Pickled red onion

·                      1 bunch of dill

·                      6 oz. lump Crab meat

·                      Buttermilk dressing (Recipe included)


1.                  Begin by boiling a pot of water, big enough for the 6 tomatoes, then take a knife and lightly mark an X on the bottom of the tomato, just to cut through the skin. Also, with the tip of your knife, remove the core of the tomato, just the top, to remove as little of the tomato as possible.

2.                  Insert tomatoes into boiling water for 30-45 seconds, or until you start to see the skin of the tomato peeling. Remove tomatoes and place in an ice bath until they are thoroughly chilled.

3.                  Peel the skin of the tomato, and slice into thirds, horizontally. (It helps to take a sliver off the bottom of the tomato with your knife so that the tomato has a flat surface to sit on and stands up straight).

4.                  Remove Burrata from the liquid it is stored in and place in a bowl. With a spoon, break up the ball and mix.

5.                  Unstack the sliced tomato, and season with salt and pepper. Start by putting burrata on the first two layers of tomato, followed by a few sprigs of dill, a few slices of pickled red onion, and 1 oz. of crab meat per tomato split between the two layers. Last, top each layer with arugula and you are ready to stack! Use a toothpick to stick through the tomato vertically to keep it together. Garnish with dill, olive oil, and serve with buttermilk dressing.

Buttermilk Dressing Ingredients

·                      1 clove of garlic

·                      2 teaspoon peeled shallot

·                      1 egg

·                      ½ cup olive oil

·                      1 ¼ cup buttermilk

·                      1/2 cup Crème Fraiche

·                      2 teaspoon white wine vinegar

·                      1 teaspoon salt

·                      ½ teaspoon ground peppercorn

Buttermilk Dressing Method

1.                  Add chopped garlic and shallot to a blender with the egg and white wine vinegar.

2.                  Blend on high for 30 seconds before slowly adding the oil to emulsify.

3.                  Once it is nice and thick, lightly blend in crème fraiche and buttermilk.