Lunchbreak: The Sótano Burger and details on Chicago Gourmet’s Can’t Stop the Hop

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Chef Rishi Kumar – Bar Sótano

Chicago Gourmet 2020

Chef Kumar is participating in Can’t Stop the Hop presented by DoorDash, this year’s innovative new twist on the beloved Hamburger Hop. From September 1 – 13, more than 100 area restaurants will feature specially crafted burgers for diners to enjoy, who will vote for their favorite online.

$1 of every burger sold benefits the IRAEF Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. Click here for a list of participants. Additional sponsors include Buckhead Meat of Chicago, Turano Baking Co., Blue Moon, Josh Cellars, High West Distillery and Choose Chicago.


Chef Rishi Kumar – Bar Sótano

Tomato Jam

Red onion 5 ½ cups

Olive oil ¼ cup

Red wine 5 cups

Red wine vinegar ½ cup

Sugar ½ cup

Sun dried tomatoes (soaked in hot water and left overnight)  2 ¾ cups

Tomato Paste   1 1/3 cups

Chipotle chile, canned ¼ cup

Fennel seeds    3 T

Salt to taste

Coriander         3T

Sherry Vinegar 500ml (16oz)


  1. With a mandolin or sharp knife, peel onions and julienne them into 1.5 mm thick strips.
  2. Place olive oil and onions in a large pot over low heat and begin slowly sweating the onions. The trick is to cook the onions down until there’s very little moisture left but not to brown or burn them in the process. Keeping the heat low is key.
  3. Combine wine and vinegar and reduce to about half. Set aside.
  4. Once onions are very dry, add the wine-and-vinegar reduction. Continue cooking on low heat until all the liquid has cooked out.
  5. Add tomatoes, spices, chiles, salt and sugar. Add Sherry Vinegar.
  6. Continue cooking until onions are very tender; the jam should be thick and, well, jammy.

Note:  You will have extra!

**You can order this burger at Bar Sótano and also through TOCK and Caviar**

Bar Sótano

443 North Clark Street (entrance in alley)
Chicago, IL 60654


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