Lunchbreak: Strawberry Basil Milk Punch

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Lucas Bumba – General Manager/Owner and Service Architect – Milk Money Brewing

Milk Money Brewing’s brick-and-mortar location is anticipated to open early this coming fall, they are offering pantry and produce boxes now as a first look into what La Grange’s inaugural brewery/restaurant has in store.  

Fourth of July Themed Boxes

(Available now for pickup on July 3)

Butcher Shop Box To Go – Features: Locally raised and butchered meats, house-made sausages, sauces, condiments, jams and marinades from clean, local, and seasonal ingredients. 

 Pantry Box To Go – Features: Local, seasonal produce from Klug/Werp/LT Gardens & Frillman Farms. Proteins, dry mix, Condiments, jam or pickle, and a premium item. 

 Both boxes include recipes specifically designed for July 4th celebrations.



Strawberry Basil Milk Punch


– 16 oz fresh Strawberries

– 1 Cup (8 oz) Granulated Sugar

– 1 Cup (8 oz) Honey

– 2 Cups (16 oz) Water

– 2 Cups (16 oz) Lemon Juice, fresh is preferred

– 1 Bottle (23.5 oz) Gin of choice, New age style gins recommended

– 24 Basil leaves

– 2 Cups (16 oz) Whole Milk


– 2 large heat resistant containers

– 1 Cup measuring cup

– Whisk or Muddler

– Strainer

– Stock pot

– Coffee Filters or Cheese Cloth


1. Pour strawberries into large heat resistant contain

2. Add honey, granulated sugar, and basil

3. Muddle all ingredients together with whisk or muddler, breaking down all strawberries to create as much surface area as possible

4. Add the water

5. Seal container with a lid and refrigerate for 24-48 hours.

6. After letting mixture marry for 24-48 hours strain out the liquid, discard all solids.

7. Heat 2 cups of whole milk over medium heat until scolding, do not let boil.

8. Pour scolding milk into cold cocktail mixture, curdles should begin to form immediately.

9. Seal mixture and put back into the fridge for 8-24 hours, ideal time is 24 hours.

10. After mixture has rest for 8-24 hours remove from fridge

11. Line a strainer with a coffee filter or cheese cloth

12. Pour mixture very slowly through filter/cheese cloth, if it is draining slowly you can lightly stir it to aid straining.

13. Once all the liquid is strained through pour the liquid back through the curds at least one more time. You can repeat this process as many times as you like, each time will clarify the drink more and remove more and more milk solids.

14. Once you have reached the desired clarity the mixture is done, fill a Collins glass with ice and fill up 2/3 with milk punch and top with soda water (This ratio can be adjusted based on personal preference)


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