Lunchbreak: Steak Sandwich & Jalapeño Hash Browns

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Steve Coppolillo, Executive Chef and Partner at Rosebud Steakhouse

Rosebud Steakhouse

192 E Walton St. Chicago, IL


Soon to open:

Rosebud Steakhouse – in Centennial Village, a luxury community in Munster, IN at 9601 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana. The new location will be over 5,000 square feet and showcases several exciting amenities.


Steak Sandwich:


1. 1 Dry Aged Ribeye (8 oz.)

2. Steak Seasoning (2 tbsp.)

3. Baby Arugula (1 oz./2 tbsp.)

4. Havarti Cheese (2 Slices)

5. Horseradish Cream (2 oz./4 tbsp.)

6. Garlic Butter (2 oz./4 tbsp.)

7. Sliced Tomatoes (2 Slices)


1. Season Drop Steak thoroughly. Grill to desired temp. Let rest.

2. Spread garlic butter evenly on both sides of the baguette. Toast until golden brown.

3. Spread horseradish cream evenly on both sides of the baguette.

4. Slice drop steak thin. Place on baguette. Add sliced tomatoes.

5. Toss arugula with olive oil.

6. Salt and pepper to taste. Spread arugula evenly over tomatoes. Add sliced havarti cheese.

7. Slice in half and serve.

Jalapeño Hash Browns:


1. Baked Potatoes (2)

2. Jalapeño (1)

3. Spanish Onion (2 oz./ 4 tbsp.)

4. Parmesan (2 oz./ 4 tbsp.)

5. Olive Oil (2 tbsp.)

6. Salt (1 tsp.)

7. Pepper (1 tsp.)


1. Dice baked potatoes into ¼ inch squares.

2. Slice jalapeño into half moons with seeds.

3. Dice onion into ¼ inch squares.

4. Heat sauté pan, add olive oil, pan fry potatoes, add jalapeño and onions.

5. Fry until crispy golden brown.

6. Place in a mixing bowl, toss with parmesan cheese.

7. Sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper to taste.

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