Javier Ayala, Head Chef

Pilot Project Brewing

2140 North Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647





Spring Rolls


1 pkg of rice paper

1 pkg of rice vermicelli

1 head butter leaf lettuce

1 bunch mint

1 bunch cilantro

1 cucumber

1 carrot

3 Fresno chilies

Optional protein or avocado


Start by cleaning and cutting the veggies. Julienne the carrots, cut the cucumber into thin slices, separate the lettuce leaves from the head, thinly slice the chilies – removing the seeds and then pick the leaves of the herbs. Once the veggies are cut, cook the noodles based on package instructions, shock in ice water after cooked to prevent over cooking the noodles. Once all the ingredients are ready, soak a single sheet of rice paper at a time in room temp water until pliable. Once pliable, add any combination of ingredients you like and then tuck the ends of the spring roll and roll tight. Repeat this process as many times as you like. For each individual roll done at Pilot, they put it in this order: 2-3 large butter leaf lettuce leaves, a pinch of cooked rice vermicelli, the protein of choice (pork belly typically), followed by a pinch of cucumbers and carrots. After that they add a few leaves of each of the herbs and 2-3 slices of Fresno chilies and then top with another 2-3 butter leaf lettuce leaves before rolling tight.