Chef Patrick Bouaphanh, Executive Chef and owner of Jinsei Motto

Jinsei Motto

Located in West Loop inside of CH Distillery

564 West Randolph Street, Chicago, IL

Check Out:

● Happy Hour: They offer $6 hand rolls (Spicy Tuna, Spicy Scallop, Spicy Tako, Salmon Avocado, Veggie) and $6 drinks with CH Distillery spirits, sake, and wine Tues-Sat until 6pm.

● Omakase: They offer a 19-course omakase at the Sushi Bar (inside the distillery) for $175 with the option to add beverage pairings.

● Lunch Wed-Fri from 11:30-2:30pm with the same menu as dinner and they have a 19-course omakase at the beautiful sushi bar back inside of CH Distillery.

● AAPI Restaurant Week: May 12-21

● June 14/15 pop-up with Tanta and Jinsei Motto at Jinsei Motto: Jinsei Motto’s Chef Patrick Bouaphanh and Tanta’s Chef Roberto Rocha are collaborating on a 16-course Omakase dinner with seatings at 5:30 and 7:45pm both nights ($195 for table seating, $220 for omakase counter seating). The dinner will blend Rocha’s Peruvian-style dishes with Bouaphanh’s Japanese preparations for a unique Omakase experience. Guests can make reservations online via OpenTable here

● June Sake and Suntory Events


Mix Recipes:

Spicy Tuna Mix – Makes 3-4 hand rolls

-Diced Bluefin Tuna – 1/2 cup

-Spicy mayo – 3 tbsp

-Green onions – 1 tbsp

 -Fried garlic – 1 tbsp

-Salt – to taste

Yuzu Soy – Yields 2 cups

-Yuzu juice – 2 tbsp

-Sweet soy – 2 cups

Dish Recipes:

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll:

-Nori (seaweed) sheet – 1

-Sushi rice – 1/4 cup

-Spicy Tuna Mix – 1/4 cup


Lay rice on nori sheet, add 1 tbsp spicy tuna mix in the center of the rice, form a cylinder to close up the hand roll

Crispy Tuna Bites:

-Fried sushi rice – 1 tbsp per crispy rice

-Spicy tuna mix – 1t bsp per crispy rice

-Yuzu Soy – 1/2 tbsp

-Green onion – garnish


Take 1 tbsp sushi rice, form a small ball, and fry to golden brown. After frying, take the rice ball, and lay it on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil and cool down. Once cooled, smash the ball flat, and top with 1 tbsp spicy tuna mix, top with 1/2 tbsp yuzu soy, garnish with green onions.