Mike Sheerin – Executive Chef, François Frankie

François Frankie

222 W. Randolph St.

Chicago, IL 60606



Smoked Chicken Lettuce Wraps


1. 1 head of Boston Bibb lettuce

2. 2 ounces of extra virgin olive oil

3. 4 boneless chicken thighs

4. 2 tablespoons brown sugar

5. 3 ounces (6T)of BBQ spice

6. 1 head of green cabbage

7. 1 bottle of ranch dressing

8. 1 red onion

9. 6 pickle slices

10. 1 fresno chili

11. 1 small container of kosher salt

12. 1 small container of black pepper

BBQ Rubbed Chicken Thighs:

1. Remove chicken thighs from the package, rinse with cold water and pat dry

2. In a medium sized mixing bowl combine BBQ spice, brown sugar, ½ tablespoon of salt, and ½ tsp. Of ground black pepper

3. Mix well

4. Add boneless chicken thighs to spice mix and coat well

5. Reserve on a plate to the side

6. Heat gas grill on high. (if using a grill pan, heat on stove top)

7. Drizzle ½ oil on to the rubbed chicken thighs and the other half on to a towel to rub the grill

8. Sear/ grill chicken turning the heat a little lower to avoid burning

9. Cook through and reserve on side allowing to rest

Cole Slaw:

1. Finely slice cabbage and red onion, reserving in a medium mixing bowl

2. Add 1 Tablespoon salt, ½ teaspoon Black pepper, and ranch dressing

3. Mix well and reserve off to the side for plating

Pickles, Bib Lettuce and Fresno Chilis:

1. Thinly slice fresno as best you can

2. If using sliced pickles, pull out of the fridge, if slicing whole pickles do so and put to the side with chillies

3. Remove any brown outer layer from the bib lettuce head

4. Gently pull outer layers in one piece to resemble palm of your hand and reserve


1. Chop or slice rested chicken thighs. Season if desired

2. Place one spoonful of coleslaw onto three separate pieces of lettuce

 3. Add desired amount of chopped chicken

4. Garnish with fresno chili’s and pickle slices