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Salmon Veggiebox Recipe

Yields: 1 serving

 4 oz filet of Salmon

3 Brussels sprouts, halved or quartered depending on size

1 handful spinach

3 broccoli chopped florets, including stalk

1 small handful chopped kale

8 green beans

1 handful chopped scallions

½ cup teriyaki marinade

garlic salt, to taste

water bottle

bottle of your favorite vinaigrette, amount to your liking

chopped parsley and dill, to garnish

lemon wedge

canola or other favorite vegetable oil


Marinate salmon with teriyaki marinade overnight for most flavor.


Heat pan on high, add oil, sear salmon for about 3 mins on one side, 1 min on the other.  Meanwhile, in another hot pan, sauté vegetables until tender, season with garlic salt, steam with a bit of water, and place over spinach.  Finish with your favorite vinaigrette and place salmon on top.  Garnish with herbs and lemon.