Dustin Drankiewicz, co-owner, Paper Plane Pizza

You can find Paper Plane Pizza in Chicago at From Here On Food Hall & Market in The Old Post Office at 433 W. Van Buren St. in Chicago, Illinois and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 3rd St. Market Hall at The Avenue MKE located at 275 W. Wisconsin Ave.



Paper Plane Romesco (no waste)

Note- we do our best to use every piece of that veggie, repurpose all our dough & 2 day old bread into something delicious. We utilize roasted red peppers in a few menu items. When we break down the pepper we put aside the “butts” and tops to utilize later. We also have ensure next day marinated tomatoes are repurposed as well. 

•Red Pepper Butts & Tops (4-5 peppers worth)

•”Next Day” marinated tomatoes (12-14 slices)

•handful whole garlic cloves

•stale or crunch bread 

•pinch of each: salt, pepper, red pepper flake

•1/4 C olive oil 

•2 tbl spn apple cider vinegar 

•2 tbl spn lemon juice 

Oven at 400, layout the red pepper, tomato, bread, garlic on a sheet tray. Coat in oil and season. Mix all together before putting in the oven for 12 minutes. 

Let cool to room temp. Add everything to your blender or processor and add vinegar & lemon juice. Blend into silky smooth & put this on literally everything.