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Jason Patt – Executive Chef & Co-Owner of Bearded Veterans Grill


Pulled Pork

Pre heat pellet smoker to 225 degrees

Use about a 6lb pork shoulder

½ cup mustard

6 Tablespoons Bearded Veterans Grill Colonel Porkys Rub

1 Tsp garlic powder

Spray bottle with apple juice

1) Rub the entire shoulder with the mustard. 

2) Combine the Colonel Porkys Rub with the garlic powder and rub in on the shoulder until its entirely covered.  If there is any area of the shoulder that’s bare, cover with more Colonel Porkys rub.  If you have a grill that creates more heat from the top then put the fat cap up. If all your heat source is mainly coming from the bottom, put your fat cap down.

3) Place the shoulder on the center of the smoker, and insert the probe to monitor the temperature

4) Smoke the shoulder for 3 hours, spraying the shoulder every hour with the apple juice. 

5) After 3 hours, wrap the increase the temperature 250 degrees and continue to cook until the shoulder reaches the temperature of 203 degrees, which should be about 6-8 hours. 

6)  Transfer the shoulder to a cutting board and let it sit for 20 minutes

7) Remove the bone, then using hot gloves and set of claws, pull the pork until its finely shredded

8) Add more Colonel Porkys rub to the mix

9) In a bowl, combine pork with either Bearded Veterans Down Range or Sweet Napalm BBQ sauce.  Top with cole slaw and enjoy!

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