Brad Knaub – Chef/Owner Carnivore Oak Park


1042 Pleasant, Oak Park, IL



Carnivore & Anfora Wine Merchants Garden Party

5 Courses 5 Pairing

July 9th

7:00 – 9:00 PM

128 S. Marion St., Oak Park, IL


Pork Cheek, Farina, braised Greens and Crispy Shallot Rings

Per Person

For the Pork Cheeks:

3 ea Pork Cheeks (6 oz give or take)

1/2c White Wine

2c Strong Stock or Bone Broth

1 ea Peeled Shallot, halved

2 cloves Garlic, halved

Salt as needed

Liberally salt and brown the pork cheek in a bit of oil, once the cheeks are brown on both sides, deglaze with the wine and let it reduce until its almost dry. Add the stock, shallot and garlic and simmer, replenishing with water if needed, until the cheeks are fork tender. Set the cheeks aside and measure the broth you will need to cook the Farina porridge, straining off and disposing of the used shallot and garlic.  

For the Farina:

1/2 c Cracked Wheat Berries

1 ½ c Braising liquid from the cheeks

½ t Cold Butter

1 c Chopped Cooking Greens (Collards, Mustards, Kale, etc.)

Salt as needed

In a medium to small sauce pot bring your reserved braising liquid to a boil. Add your Cracked Wheat Berries and lower the heat to a simmer and stir your porridge vigorously. Keep simmering until your berries are soft and look a bit like congee. Stir in your butter and greens and cook another minute or two, or until your greens taste great. Season with salt and a touch of vinegar, to taste.

Shallot Rings:

1 ea Shallot Sliced into thick rings

1 c Buttermilk

Flour as needed

Slice the shallot and separate  them into rings. Mix with the buttermilk and allow to marinate an hour or so and up to a day. When ready to fry, drain the buttermilk and flour the rings until they stay dry and can be handled without too much mess. Drop into 350 degree oil and fry until golden.


Warm the cheeks in the leftover braising liquid. When hot, spoon the farina/porridge into a low bowl or a plate with a bit of a rim. Top with the cheek meat and remaining liquid. Garnish with the shallot rings.