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Brian Greene

City Hall Restaurant

838 W. Kinzie St.

Chicago, IL 60642


City Hall has a variety of weekly specials including Parking Ticket Tuesday. Guests are encouraged to bring their parking ticket in (from the last two months) for 20% off their bill and a change to win the amount of their ticket (up to $100).

Wednesdays are for burgers, Chef will create a different, specialty full-sized burger each week.


Popcorn Shrimp

For the cocktail sauce:

4 smoked tomatoes skinned seeded and chopped

1 smoked jalapeno skinned seeded and minced

1/2 red onion brunoise/diced (soaked in lime juice for 10 minutes)

2 limes (juiced to soak onions)

1 bunch of cilantro chopped

1/2 cup prepared horseradish

2 lemons (zest only)

2 cups ketchup

Pinch of salt (too taste)

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and puree with an immersion blender, taste and adjust seasonings accordingly.

*Note:  Use some smoked Maldon salt if you do not have a smoker, or are unfamiliar with smoking foods at home. Another way to add the smokey flavor is to char the tomatoes and jalapenos on a grill.


For the shrimp:

1 cup Buttermilk

2 Tablespoon of your favorite hot sauce

2 cups rice flour (season with salt and pepper)

1 qt popcorn  “flour” (puree in blender on high to a fine powder)

shrimp – amount to your liking


  1. To dredge the shrimp – start by adding the hot sauce to the buttermilk, mix that up real good then set aside.
  2. Dredge the shrimp in the seasoned rice flour then submerge the shrimp in the buttermilk hot sauce mixture.
  3. Remove the shrimp allowing any excess buttermilk to drip off before adding it to the “popcorn flour”.
  4. Generously coat the shrimp in the popcorn mixture and set aside on a tray with parchment paper.
  5. Once you have the desired amount of shrimp you are ready to fry!
  6. Carefully dip the shrimp in a 350 degree fryer and fry until light and golden brown in color approximately 2-3 minutes
  7. Serve the shrimp with some fresh popped popcorn, lemon wedge, and the smoked tomato cocktail sauce.



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