Chef Stephen Gillanders


1118 N. State St., Chicago


Chicago Restaurant Week 2022 runs through Sunday, April 10th.

Somerset (at the Viceroy Chicago) is presenting an incredible lunch menu for $25, and a dinner menu for $55


Miso-Citrus Salmon w/ Roasted Bok Choy, Umami Broth & Yuzu Oil

Miso Yuzu Glaze

1 ¾ cup             White Miso

1 cup                Yuzu Juice

1 cup                Dry Sake

¼ cup               Sriracha

1/3 cup             Sugar

Method: Blend well.

Soy Dashi
5 1/8 cup          Bonito Extraction

2 cups              Tamari

2 cups              Mirin

½ tsp                Sugar
Method: In a small saucepan, bring everything to a gentle boil over medium heat until the sugar is just dissolved.  Immediately remove from the heat and place over an ice bath.

Bonito Extraction:

1 cup                Bonito Flakes

9 cup                Tea Water
Method: Place the Bonito Flakes in a narrow bain marie (water bath vessel) and pour the water over them.  Cover with plastic wrap and seep for 10 minutes.  Then strain through a chinois, pushing for total extraction.

Garlic-Chili Oil:

2 cup                Olive Oil

¼ cup               Parsley, blanched, squeezed of excess moisture

2 tsp                 Garlic

1 ½ tsp             Korean Chili Flakes

¾ tsp                Salt
Method: Combine everything in a blender and puree until completely smooth, then immediately cool over ice before transferring to a squeeze bottle.

Full Dish:

            Salmon Filet, 6 oz.

2 tbs                 Miso Yuzu Glaze

                        Maldon salt, to taste

1 tsp                 Curly Parsley, chopped, squeezed

                        Olive Oil

¾ cup              Bok Choy, blanched

                        Garlic-Chili Oil, in a squeeze bottle

                        Toasted Sesame Seeds

2 tbs                 Soy-Dashi, warm

                        Yuzu Oil, squeeze bottle


Rub the Salmon with the Miso Yuzu Glaze and place on a sizzle tray with a little Olive Oil. Broil (or pan sear) until fish is just cooked and glaze is semi caramelized.  Sprinkle it with Maldon and Curly Parsley.

Place the Bok Choy on a pass tray and coat lightly in the Garlic-Chili Oil, then place in the salamander and cook until hot and beginning to char.  Then, remove the bok choy and sprinkle it with the Toasted Sesame Seeds.

Ladle the Soy-Dashi into a large entrée bowl, place the salmon on one side, and prettily plate the bok choy parallel to it.  Drizzle the bowl with Yuzu Oil.