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Lobster Benedict w/ Tapioca Hollandaise


4                      Egg Yolks

1 TBSP           Lemon Juice

2 TBSP           Broth

¼ lb                 Butter 

tt                      S&P 

1TBSP            Tapioca Onion Sauce 

            Melt butter

            Whisk egg, lemon, broth & salt

            Slowly whisk in ½ the butter, than add the tapioca & finish the butter

            Hold warm

Tapioca Lemon Onion Soubise

½ #      Butter

2          Red Onion

1          Lemon zest & juice 

1cup    Vanilla Tapioca Pudding 

1tsp     Vanilla bean

tt          Salt

            Melt the butter, season & sautee the onions long low & slow

            Add tapioca pudding & puree, add lemon at the end 

            Hold Warm 

Butter Warmed Lobster

1          Lobster

2tbsp   Butter 

            Blanch & butcher lobster

            Hold warm in drawn butter 

Poached Egg 

5TBSP            Distilled Vinegar

2TBSP            Salt 

2                      Farm eggs

                        Slotted Spoon

            In a deep pot, season with salt & vinegar 

            Pre crack eggs into ramekins, stir the water & drop the eggs in one at a time

            Poach for 4 minutes

Brown Buttered Biscuit 

2                      Frozen Biscuit Dough

1TBSP            Egg Wash

1TBSP            Butter

            Thaw biscuit, butter pan, brush tops of biscuits with egg wash, top with salt & bake according to instructions (350 for 20 ish minutes)

            Brush Biscuits with butter

 To assemble, layer biscuits & Lobsters in a bowl, top with eggs & hollandaise. Enjoy