Jordan Wright – Pitmaster, Wright’s Barbecue


Windy City Smokeout

August 4-7, 2022

1901 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60612 ( Madison & Wood)

The hours for Windy City Smokeout are Friday, August 5: 2pm-11pm; Saturday, August 6: noon-11pm; Sunday, August 7: noon-10pm.;
Gates open 2:00 PM on Friday, 1:00 PM on Saturday, 1:00PM on Sunday.


Sweep The Leg Sandwich


1 boneless leg of lamb

Feta Spread:

1 yellow onion

8 oz (1 cup) Tzatziki dip or sauce 

8 oz (1 cup) Feta cheese crumbles 

2 teaspoons cayenne 


1/2 Cup Salt

1/2 cup Coarse black pepper

1/3 cup Garlic powder

1/3 cup Paprika

1/3 cup Brown sugar 

Roll or bread of choice toasted if preferred. 


Cover the leg of lamb with Seasoning and smoke or roast in the oven on 250 degrees for 3 hrs. Once internal temperature reaches 130 increase temperature to 300 for 30 minutes then pull at 140 degrees and wrap in foil. 

Let lamb rest for 20 minutes 

While your lamb is cooking, slice the onion and caramelize the sliced onions in a pan till you get a golden brown color. 

Take the feta crumbles, tzatziki and combine with the onion and whip to make your spread. 

Slice the lamb thinly against the grain and make sandwiches with the spread and your choice of pickles or a crisp vinegar slaw on top.