Chef Brian Schoenbeck, Executive Chef at Swissôtel Chicago

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323 E Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60601

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-For National Wellness Month check out Swissotel Chicago’s renowned Vitality Program and their new Vitality Menus that offer healthy options for guests to focus on their well-being, even when they’re away from home.

-Guests who stay at Swissotel Chicago can enjoy the recently renovated penthouse fitness center. Located on the 43rd floor featuring 360-degree views of the skyline, Chicago River and Navy Pier, the 3,000+ square foot facility includes cutting edge fitness equipment including Peloton bikes, available at all hours of the day. Following your workout, enjoy a rotating menu of Vitality waters including flavors like lemon thyme, strawberry orange, passionfruit pineapple and more.

Swissôtel Chicago Vitality Suite


Kale and Brussels Sprouts with Grilled Halloumi and Pears

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 garlic clove grated
    • ¼ C EVOO
    • 4 TBS lemon juice
    • 2 TBS Dijon mustard
    • TT Kosher salt
    • 2 cups thinly sliced Lacinato kale, ribs removed
    • 2 cups brussels sprouts trimmed and thinly sliced
    • 1 Bartlett pear cored and sliced
    • 6 oz halloumi cheese grilled and ¼ inch diced
  • For the Vinaigrette:
    • In a bowl, combine garlic, lemon and Dijon and whisk together.
    • Slowly whisk in EVOO until emulsified.
    • Season with salt to taste.
  • For the Halloumi Cheese
    • Brush the halloumi with EVOO before placing on hot grill.
    • Grill for 1-2 minutes per side, or until charred.
    • Cool and dice cheese.
    • Reserve in a separate bowl.
  • For Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad
    • In another bowl, mix kale, brussels sprouts and pear.
    • Toss ingredients until mixed.
    • Add vinaigrette and adjust seasoning if needed.
  • Plating
    • Place tossed ingredients, seasoned with vinaigrette, in a serving vessel.
    • Garnish with grilled halloumi.
    • Enjoy!