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Chef Allen Rochelle

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Friday 8/28/2020 to Sunday 8/30/2020

Get in the Kitchen

3617 North Broadway

Chicago, IL 60613

For one weekend only! Get in the Kitchen is becoming Le Fleur De Lis Chicago Southern Cajun Restaurant by Chef Allen Rochelle!

Chef Allen will be offering an amazing array of Cajun inspired dishes in a Prix fixed menu to tantalize all palates.


Reservations are strongly encouraged due to COVID compliance, but walk ins are welcome. Call ahead for availability.

In order to reserve, simply select your date and time.

When you come in for dinner or brunch you will choose your choices for Appetizer, Entree’ and Dessert.

If you are electing the Seafood Boil upgrade, make sure to select the “Seafood Boil” option when you order.

We are also BYOB, so bring your favorite bottle!

Thursday Dinner 6PM or 8PM

Friday Dinner Starting at 6PM or 8PM

Saturday Brunch 11am – 3pm

Saturday Dinner Starting at 6PM or 8PM

Sunday Brunch 11am – 3pm

Sunday Dinner Starting at 6PM or 8PM



Ingredient List:

Tomato Sauce: 1 Liter (roughly 33oz)

Green Onions: 1 Cup chopped/diced  (reserve some for cooking with protein)

Red Pepper: 1 Cup chopped/diced  (reserve some for cooking with protein)

Green Pepper: 1 Cup chopped/diced  (reserve some for cooking with protein)

Yellow Onion: 1 Cup chopped/diced  (reserve some for cooking with protein)

Olive oil: 4 Tbsp

Salt: 2 Tbsp

Black pepper: 2 Tbsp

Paprika: 2 Tbsp

Cayenne: 2 Tbsp

Granulated Onion: 2 Tbsp

Cajun seasoning: 2 Tbsp

Chili powder: 2 Tbsp

Granulated Garlic: 2 Tbsp

Soy: 6 Tbsp

Honey: 4 Tbsp

Franks red hot sauce: 4 Tbsp

Chicken, Shrimp, Sausage: amounts to your liking

Prepared rice or other riced veggies

Directions for sauce:

1. Sweat Onions, Peppers in pot with Oil with salt/pepper for 10 mins

2. Add in dry seasonings to pot (chili, onion, garlic, paprika, cayenne, cajun) for 5 mins

3. Add tomato sauce (let return to light boil/steam), stir occasionally

4. Add soy, hot sauce, and honey and let simmer for 20-30 mins and then let cool and store

Cooking Instructions for remainder of dish:

(Prep diced onions, peppers, green onions, diced chicken, diced sausage, peeled shrimp, cooked rice, Jambalaya sauce – amounts of proteins to your liking)

1. Oil in pan

2. Add diced veggies (onions, red/green peppers) with chicken and sausage

3. Season with salt/pepper, chili, onion, garlic and Cajun (make mixture if easier on side)

4. Add in shrimp towards end

5. Add Jambalaya sauce when 70-75% cooked and let continue to cook until protein is done.

6. Add a cup of rice and toss.

7. Top with diced Green Onions


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