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Hanger Steak + Melons with pickled watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber and mushrooms

Serves 4

4 Hanger steaks or your favorite grilling steak, (NY Strip, Ribeye, Skirt)

                1 cucumber, peeled and sliced thin

                1 cantaloupe, peeled, seeded and sliced thin

1 watermelon

                1 pkg Beech mushrooms or substitute King trumpet, crimini, portobello.

6 TBS of Mushroom soy sauce

2 shiso leaves

1 cup bulgar

Olive oil


Pickled Watermelon Rind

Cut melon into quarters.  Remove the red fruit, (eat or serve anyway you see fit).  Peel the green away from the quartered sections using a vegetable peeler or knife.  Cut the pieces in half and place in a heat resistant dish and set aside.

Pickling Liquid

                4 cups                                   water

                4cups                                    white wine vinegar

                1 cup                                     sugar

                1 TBS                                     salt

                1 tsp                                      ground clove

                1 tsp                                      red pepper flakes

                1 each                                   star anise

Bring all of the ingredients to a boil.  Pour over watermelon rinds and allow to pickle until cooled.  Best if allowed to sit overnight.  Slice thin for serving.

Miso Citrus

                1/4 cup                 orange juice

                3/4 cup                 grapefruit juice

                3 TBS                                     miso paste

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk until miso paste is incorporated. 

Sautéed Beech Mushrooms

Add 2 TBS olive oil to a hot sauté pan.  Add mushrooms and one pinch of salt.  Cook until tender.  Reserve.

Bulgar Wheat

Add bulgar, 2 cups of water and 1 pinch of salt to a pot and bring to a simmer.  Cover and lower heat.  Simmer for 10 minutes.  Turn heat off and allow to sit covered for 10 minutes.  Serve or allow too cool for later use. 


Coat entire steak with mushroom soy sauce and allow to marinate at least 6 hours, overnight is preferred.  Prepare the pickled watermelon and let sit overnight as well. Next, prepare your miso citrus and set aside. Finally, saute the mushrooms and make the bulgar. These can be made in advance and then rewarmed when plating the steak.

Cook steak over a grill until desired internal temperature.  Allow steak to rest for 10 minutes (do it, it’s worth it).  While resting, assemble your accoutrements by arranging/shingling the cantaloupe, watermelon rind and cucumbers.  Warm steak on grill for a few seconds and slice on a cutting board if desired.  Warm bulgar and mushrooms if desired and place on the plate or platter.  Place steak on plate in an artful way if desired.  Drizzle with miso citrus.  Garnish with hand torn shiso leaves.