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Green Mint Chutney

Oil                                   1/2c

Lime Juice                    1/2c

Vinegar                         1/2c

Minced Ginger            2T

Minced Garlic              2T

Chopped Serrano       2T

Cumin Powder            1T

BP Powder                   1Tsp

Salt                                 TT

Minced Red Onion     1/4c

Chopped Cilantro       1/4c

Chopped Mint             1/4c

Sugar                             1Tsp

This recipe will yield around 16oz

Combine oil, lime juice, vinegar and mix well. After prepping the ingredients, add them in with the wet ingredients, mix well, and refrigerate. 

Play around with the ingredients and make it your own. If you want it more tart play with the acidity. Or add more or less chillies to control the heat, ginger, garlic…