Lunchbreak: Gin & Vermouth Cocktails

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Randy Mosher

Nick Fragale

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Patrons can purchase a home G&T Kit which includes a full bottle of gin, tonic syrup (enough for 4 cocktails) and a lime for $39 *or* go to Forbidden Root Brewery to enjoy these cocktails.

Forbidden Root Brewery – an innovator in craft brewing, announces the addition of a housemade line of craft beverage experiences, including a vermouth, tonic syrup, and digestive bitters. Using all-natural herbs, roots, fruits, barks, and spices, Randy Mosher, Forbidden Root’s resident alchemist, has meticulously and artfully blended each beverage to bring a little delight and inspiration during this otherwise difficult time. The Lost Botanicals Series is available at Forbidden Root’s brewpub locations in Chicago and Columbus.


Forbidden Root ‘Lost Botanical Series’ cocktails:

FR G + T

Build in a Collins glass

2oz Watershed/ Forbidden Root Barrel Selection Barrel Aged Gin

1oz Tonic syrup

2 dash of lime bitters

Add ice

Top w/ soda water

Lime wedge

Fizz & Tonic

Build in a Cocktail Shaker

1 ½ oz Watershed/ Forbidden Root Barrel Selection Barrel Aged Gin

¾ oz Tonic syrup

¼ ounce Lemon juice

Shake and strain over ice

Top w/ Sparkling Wine

Lemon swath

il Milano

Build in stemless wine glass

¾ oz Housemade Vermouth (can substitute any vermouth)

¾ oz Campari

¾ oz Ramazzotti

Add ice and stir slightly

Top w/ Sparkling wine

Orange swath


Build in mixing glass

1oz Housemade Vermouth (can substitute any vermouth)

1oz Meletti 1870

2 dash orange bitters

Stir in mixing glass

Strain over ice

Top w/ Firbidden Root Hoodie Weather beer (or any malty ale)

Lemon swath


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