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George Alpogianis

America’s Dog and Burger


  • Navy Pier (700 East Grand Avenue; #121)
  • Randolph Street (22 East Randolph Street)
  • James Thompson Center (100 West Randolph St.)
  • O’Hare International Airport (United Terminal 1, Concourse C)

Ghost Burger
2 oz guacamole, on bottom bun
8 oz burger patty
2 oz ghost pepper cheese sauce
2 slices bacon
2 oz crispy onion strings

Ghost Burger Sauce
4-5 slices/diced pickled jalapenos
4 oz ghost Monterey jack cheese
4 oz cream reduced

AD&B Burger

AD&B secret sauce on both sides of bun – 2 oz
8 oz burger patty
2 oz white cheddar sauce (melted white cheddar cheese)
2 slices bacon
2 medium sized white button mushrooms, sautéed
grilled onions, to taste
2 pickle slices