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Tuko Cantina Executive Chef Chris de la Cueva

Tuko Cantina

1938 W. Division Street, Chicago


Tuko’s Elote Burger

Recipe for one burger:

1 8oz beef patty(80/20 ratio meat to fat)
1 slice of chihuahua cheese

4in bun


Elote salad:

½ cup grilled & shucked corn

1 ½ T mayo

½ roasted serrano chile, diced

½ T fresh lime juice


Chipotle crema:

½ c sour cream

1 ½ T lime juice

1 chipotle pepper in adobo

Salt to taste


1/2T smoked paprika for garnish

Salt and Pepper for seasoning


Elote salad:

In a mixing bowl; add the corn, mayo, serrano chile, and lime juice and mix together. Season with salt until your liking.

Chipotle crema:

In a food processor; add the chipotle pepper, sour cream, lime juice. Blend until smooth.

Season with salt and pepper until liking.


In medium high cast iron skillet; put the seasoned beef patty in the pan. Cook to desired temperature. Two minutes before the beef patty is done top it with the chihuahua cheese.

Set the burger aside to rest; as it does toast the bun in the same pan.

Set the patty on the toasted bottom bun. Garnish the burger with the elote salad, chipotle crema, and sprinkle of smoked paprika.  Add the Top Bun and eat and enjoy!!


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