Angel Guijosa – Sous Chef, Taqueria Chingón 

Taqueria Chingón 

2234 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL

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On Tuesdays they bring in a chef from a different restaurant to create a special taco. All proceeds from that taco go to Culinary Care to help patients with cancer.


Duck Carnitas Taco

Sunchoke Habanero Salsa:

1lb peeled sunchokes

4 habaneros

1 shallot

6 garlic cloves

2oz (4T) fresh oregano

4oz (1/2 cup) achiote paste

2qts bitter orange juice

16oz heavy cream

salt to taste

lime juice to taste

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pot, slowly simmer until sunchokes are cooked through and have a soft exterior. Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree, slowly emulsify cream. Season with salt and lime juice.

Date Puree:

1lb pitted dates

3 shallots sliced

1 chopped garlic

2 oranges sliced

cumin to taste

coriander to taste

1 gallon fresh orange juice

In a sauce pot combine shallots and garlic and sweat them with a little bit of oil. Combine remaining ingredients in a sauce pot. Slowly simmer until dates and orange are cooked all the way through. Blend together. Pass through a chinois and strain until smooth. Season with salt.


Cure overnight in salt. Then confit the duck in its own fat for 5 hours at 300 degrees in an oven. Then shred the meat using your hands and discarding any bones you find along the way.

To prepare the taco:

Warm up the tortilla, add some date puree then the duck meat. Top it off with the sunchoke habanero salsa, and herbs.