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Polenta Party

Polenta is a simple farmer’s-type dish that has been elevated over the years in Italy. A true staple in some diets, it is filled with creamy, cheesy goodness that goes so well with your favorite sauces and veggies.

Having a polenta party is a great way to entertain. A natural conversation starter, dinner guests will naturally interact with one another while enjoying food and the process of customizing their own dishes.

1 cup                 corn meal

3 cup                 water

1 cup                 heavy cream

4 ounce             unsalted butter

To taste             Kosher salt

To taste             table grind black pepper

Serves 4

Cook time – 25 minutes

Step 1. In a medium-sized pot, add water and bring to a boil. Slowly add in your corn meal stirring every so often with a whisk, removing any lumps that form. The idea at this point is to let the cornmeal bloom and transform into a smooth texture. 

Step 2. When it begins to tighten up add in the heavy cream and stir. Let this slowly simmer for about 3 to 5 minutes. Add in the butter, salt and pepper. 

Step 3. Now comes the magic. Add in all the shredded cheese, stir and let it become a creamy masterpiece for your next gathering. Pull out your biggest wood board and pour the polenta and spread it evenly and place in the center of the dining table. I usually have 3 to 4 sides that dinner guests can easily spoon onto their polenta as they wish. 

Sides are a lot of fun, and this is where guest customization can come into play. Some of my favorites include pesto sauce, tomato sauce, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted vegetables of any kind and more. You can make these ahead of time or purchase your favorites from the store and heat for no-fuss, one recipe entertaining!