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Crawfish Osaka Okonomiyaki


1 C dashi 

2/3 C AP flour 

1 tsp baking powder 

2 eggs 

1 T pickled ginger, minced 

3 1/2 C cabbage, chopped 

1 C scallions, sliced 

1/2 C yam, finely grated (note: traditional nagaimo is preferred) 

1/2 C tempura flakes (tenkatsu) 

3 slices bacon, cut in half 

3oz crawfish tails

Creole butter


Vegetable oil 

Kewpie mayonnaise 

Okonomiyaki sauce 


Katsuobushi (bonito flakes)  


Preheat griddle to medium-high heat. 

In a mixing bowl, combine dashi, yam and eggs; whisk well to combine. 

Add flour and baking powder; mix well. 

Add cabbage, scallions and pickled ginger; mix well. Season with salt. 

Fold in tempura flakes. 

Heat crawfish with creole butter and fold into batter.

Brush vegetable oil on griddle and divide batter into 2 portions on the griddle. 

Spread out to form an even circle, place 3 halves of bacon on each, and cover each with a lid. Cook for 4 minutes. 

Uncover and flip over. Cook another 4 minutes until pancakes are done. 

Brush with okonomiyaki sauce and garnish with Kewpie. 

Sprinkle with aonori and finish with flakes of bonito. 

Serve and enjoy!  

Note: If you don’t have a griddle at home, you can use a large skillet.