Lunchbreak: Coq au Champagne, a contemporary take on Coq au Vin

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Jeff O’Neill – Executive Director of Culinary Development

Barton G. The Restaurant Chicago

415 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60654

Hours of operations are 11am – 3pm every day and 5:30-10pm on Sunday – Thursday and 5:30-11pm on Friday and Saturday. The bar will be open all day, every day.


‘Coq au Champagne’ with Thumbelina carrots, and spring onions- Yields 3 portions

3 tbsp olive oil

TT Salt and fresh ground black pepper

1ea 3-5lb organic chicken, cut into eights

10ea garlic cloves, whole with root snipped off

9ea spring onions, or baby leeks with tops removed, split and rinsed

½ tsp cane sugar

9 medium sized baby carrots, (such as Thumbelina or Chantenay) split and blanched firm

*reserve 2 cups of carrot tops for chopped and keeping a few sprigs for garnish

3 cups champagne or prosecco

1qt roasted chicken broth, hot

2ea bay leaves

15ea thyme sprigs

1ea rosemary sprig

9ea jumbo asparagus, cut into 3” sections and blanched

1ea cup parsley leaves-reserve 12 petite leaves for garnish, chop the rest

1ea cup tarragon sprigs- reserve 12 petite sprigs for garnish, chop the rest

2oz Beluga Vodka

1.5tbsp butter, diced kept cold

Pre heat the oven to 450m degrees.

In a medium sized heavy gauge sauce pot, heat the oil until barely smoking.

While the oil is heating, season the chicken generously with salt and black pepper. Once the oil is hot, add the chicken to the pan skin side down, covering the entire surface of the pan. Sear the breast pieces 4-5 minutes until golden, then remove from the pan. Leave the leg pieces an additional 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure even browning. Placing the chicken on a parchment lined baking dish.

**Reserve the chicken at room temperature until the following champagne sauce comes to a boil.  When the chicken broth and vegetables come to a boil, place the chicken in a 450-degree oven.

For the champagne sauce:

Using the remaining oil and chicken drippings, add the garlic to the same sauce pot. Sauté for 2-3 minutes until golden in color, then add the spring onions and carrots. Season with a touch of salt and the cane sugar, stirring occasionally, allowing the vegetables to brown evenly for 10 minutes.

Add the champagne and simmer until reduced by half. Top with the hot chicken broth, bay leaves, thyme and rosemary. Bring it to a boil and cover with a tight-fitting lid.  Reduce heat to la gentle simmer, cooking the vegetables until tender.

*Place the chicken in the 450-degree oven, for 25 minutes, while the sauce simmers on low to medium heat until thickened slightly, becoming a saucy glaze for the vegetables.

When the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 160 degrees, remove it from the oven and allow it to rest for 5 minutes.

To finish the sauce, add the diced butter and vodka to the sauce pot and stir until the butter is incorporated. Add the asparagus sections to the pot to heat while plating the dish.

To serve, divide the chicken amongst 3 coupe style dinner plates, then artfully arrange the vegetables around the chicken. Pour 2-3 pounces of the champagne sauce on each plate, then sprinkle the chopped herbs. Garnish with the sprigs of carrot top, parsley and tarragon.

Chefs notes:

‘Coq au Vin’ is traditionally served as a casserole style stewed chicken dish. Barton G. takes a contemporary approach by roasting the chicken rather than simmering or braising and replacing the white wine with champagne and vodka. The ‘wine swap’ and roasted chicken result in a more refined version but still serves as a nostalgic favorite.

 Serve with crusty bread! Most of your favorite vegetables may be substituted or added to the pot, such as marble potatoes, baby squash and spring peas.

 At Barton G The Restaurant we serve a rotating variety of side dishes alongside this celebrated meal, keeping it seasonal and providing a fresh spin on a classic.



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