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Sam O’Keefe – Executive Sous Chef, Dove’s Luncheonette 

Dove’s Luncheonette 

1545 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60622


Brisket Hash


Brisket Hash – Serves 2 – 4 

8 lb. Whole Beef Brisket (you lose about half this weight during the cooking process, so will end up with ~4 lbs.) 

Brisket rub 

1 lb. Red Potatoes 

2 Poblano Peppers – roasted and chopped 

Chipotle Mayo 

2 oz. Queso Fresco 

2 oz. Scallions 

4 Eggs 

2 Slices of Texas toast 

Brisket Rub: 

1c salt 

1/2c course ground black pepper 

1/4c ancho chile powder 

1/4c guajillo chile powder 

Chipotle Mayo: 

1c mayo 

1/4c chipotle puree 


  1. Trim the majority of the fat off a whole beef brisket, leaving a thin layer of fat to keep brisket moist when smoking 
  2. Rub with brisket rub 
  3. Smoke on an outdoor smoker at 220* for 14 hours 
  4. Remove brisket from smoker, wrap with butchers paper and plastic wrap, let rest at room temp until cool 
  1. Chop brisket in to 1″ cubes 
  2. In a pan (cast iron), sear chopped brisket with poblano peppers and a small amount of neutral oil, turning every 3-5 min 

**You can also use pre-cooked brisket for this! Buy from your favorite local BBQ spot or grocery store** 

  1. Roast poblano peppers until skin is charred on stove top or in broiler 
  1. Peel skin off and remove seeds from peppers 
  2. Dice peppers 
  3. Roast red potatoes on a bed of salt for 45 min at 350* 
  4. Let cool 
  5. Smash into semi-flat rounds by hand 
  1. Deep fry in a pan with oil until crispy, season with salt 
  2. Toss fried potatoes with chipotle mayo 
  3. Place fried & dressed potatoes on a plate, top with seared brisket & poblano peppers 
  4. Serve each plate with a slice of Texas toast & 2 eggs cooked your way 
  5. Garnish with queso fresco and scallions 

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