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Michele Kaminski – Chef & Co-Founder, 2 Korean Girls (current “tenant” at The Duplex)

The Duplex

3137 W. Logan Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60647

Phone Number: (773) 697-4153




● 1 cup cooked Korean White Rice (8.5 oz) 

● ⅓ cup Sweet & Sour Radish (1.5 oz) 

● ⅓ cup Marinated Mung Bean (1.5 oz) 

● ⅓ cup Spicy Potato (1.5 oz) 

● ¼ cup Sesame Spinach (1 oz) 

● 1 oz Gochujang (1/4 cup)

● .5 oz Stir Fry Oil (1T)

● 3.5 oz Ribeye Bulgogi – thinly sliced 

● Sprinkle of Chopped Scallions 

● 1 Heart Shaped Egg (sunnyside up)

● Sprinkle of Toasted Black Sesame Seeds 

● Sprinkle of Gold Stars 


  1. Add hot white rice to a 24oz bowl. 
  1. Place the vegetables around the outside of the bowl: 

a. Sweet and Sour Radish 

b. Marinated Mung Beans 

c. Spicy Potatoes 

d. Sesame Spinach 

  1. Add Gochujang in the center of the bowl. 
  1. Add a drizzle of Stir-Fry Oil around the bowl. 
  1. Add the finishing touches: 

a. Ribeye Bulgogi 

b. Sprinkle Scallions over the Bulgogi 

c. Add the Heart-Shaped Egg in the middle of the bowl 

d. Lightly sprinkle Toasted Black Sesame Seeds over the egg & bowl

e. Sprinkle Gold Stars over the egg 

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