Lunchbreak: Berkshire pork chops from Presidio

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Shaun Connolly

Bershire Pork Chops, Sauteed Baby Kale and Tarragon Poached Peaches

Pork Chop Brine

1 quart cold water
1/2 cup Kosher salt
1/2 cup light brown sugar
2 Tbs toasted black peppercorns
4-5 fresh bay leaves
4-5 sprigs fresh thyme
4-5 dry Thai bird chilis

Brine pork chops overnight.

Smoked Balsamic

1/2 lb smoked bacon
1/2 lb smoked shallots
2 quarts balsamic vinegar
2 cups sugar

Add smoked bacon and shallots to cold balsamic vinegar and puree with hand held blender in a stainless steel sauce pot. Heat balsamic over medium heat and reduce by 1/3. Strain and return balsamic to heat. Add two cups of sugar. Return to heat on low until slightly syrupy. Let cool.

Tarragon Poached Peaches

Cut 4 peaches into 6-8 pieces. Add peaches to steel sauce pot and cover with white wine. Add 3-4 sprigs of fresh tarragon. Add 1/4 cup honey. Cook over low heat until peaches are softened. Cool in liquid.

Season 2 5 oz. pork chops with salt and pepper. Grill over medium high heat 1-2 minutes per side. Let pork chops rest.
Place grill safe frying pan on grill to heat. Add one Tbs olive oil. Add a handful of kale to hot pan. Season with salt. Add a teaspoon of chopped garlic and quickly saute.
Place a small pile of the sauteed kale in the center of each plate. Stack two pork chops per person. Top with 3-4 wedges of the poached peaches. Drizzle smoked balsamic over the peaches. Garnish with parsley, tarragon and chives.


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