Lunchbreak: Beef Bresaola Carpaccio

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Alphonse Griger

Grapes & Grains – 858 W. Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60607


On Thursday, April 8th local Chicago artists will have the opportunity to perform live at Grapes and Grains. 5:00PM through 7:30PM on Thursday, April 8th.

On April 8th, Grapes and Grains is inviting all local singers back to the stage to showcase their talent. For those who share their music selections in advance, Grapes and Grains will provide a piano player. All inquiries will require a short audition video. After being approved, singers can book a 30-minute time-slot and have their time to shine.

To apply, send an introduction email and short audition video to for the team to review. 


Beef Carpaccio  
Yield: 1-2 Servings  
8-10 slicesBresaolaPlace the bresaola in a circlar pattern on the plate. Drizzle citrus herb oil over bresaola. Combine the micro greens and arugla in a bowl, add salt to taste, dress with 1 Tbsp of marinated red peppers. Place salad mix in center of bresaola circle, garnish salad with perserved lemons. Finish garnishing bresaola with crispy capers and parmesan curls.
1 tspCitrus Herb Oil
1/2 Cup 
Micro Greens  
1/2 Cup  
1 Tbsp  
Marinated Red Peppers 
1 tsp 
Persevered Lemons 
1 Tbsp 
Crispy Capers 
5 ea 
Parmesan Curls 
Citrus Herb Oil  
Yield: 1 Cup  
1/2 CupParsleyCombine everything in a blender. Stream in oil until emulsified.
5 Large LeavesMint  
3 Large Leaves 
1 Stalk  
1 clove  
1 Tbsp  
Red Onion  
1 tsp  
1 tsp 
Orange Zest 
2 Tbsp 
Orange Juice 
1 Tbsp 
Lemon Juice 
1 Cup 
Canola Oil 
Marinated Red Peppers  
Yield: 1 Cup  
1/2 PepperRed Pepper (Roasted)Combine everything in a bowl. Store for at least 24 hours before use.
1 CupEVOO  
3 cloves 
Sliced Garlic 
2 Tbsp 
Parsley (chopped)  


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