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Banana Pudding From Scratch – The Southern Way (Can be served hot or cold)


*2 Boxes of Vanilla Wafers (Nilla Wafer Brand)

*2-3 ripe bananas (you can use more if you prefer more bananas versus cookies) – They need to be ripe for more flavor and sweetness

*4 cups of whole milk (can substitute with buttermilk or use almond milk or Lactaid milk for milk allergies)

*1 stick salted butter (best to use is Prairie Farms Sweet Cream).

*1/2 cup of sugar (can use 1 cup or 2 cups depending on sweetness; for sugar free, use sweet and low)

*4 Eggs (separate the white from the yellow yolk)

*½ tsp of Pure Lemon Extract, ½ teaspoon of Banana imitation flavor and ½ tsp of Pure Almond Extract (best to use is Watkins brand) – Can alternate with various flavors and can also simply use 1 and ½ teaspoons of Pure Vanilla Extra if desired versus the other flavors)

*1/8 teaspoon of Allspice

*4 tbsp of self-rising flour (best to use is King Arthur or Gold Medal)

*Yellow food coloring (optional for more yellow color)


  1. Separate egg white from yellow yolk (put to the side in a bowl)
  2. Melt butter in pot on medium heat
  3. Use the yellow yolks, one half of the milk and add it to the flour in a separate bowl; whisk until smooth
  4. Once butter has melted, add remaining milk, flour mixture (from step 3)
  5. Cook about 7 minutes or until thick and bubbly
  6. Add in sugar, flavor/extracts
  7. Allow pudding mix to cool
  8. Line a square glass Pyrex dish (or any type of oven safe dish) with some of the pudding mix
  9. Layer the dish by lining the dish first with Vanilla wafters
  10. Pour some of the cooled off pudding mix on the cookies
  11. Slice small pieces of bananas and put that on top of the vanilla wafers/pudding mix layer
  12. Repeat steps 9, 10 and 11 until the layers reach the top of the glass dish.