Steve Brales – Chef/Owner

Molos Greek Taverna

1072 College Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60187



Baked Feta – Lightly breaded barrel aged feta topped w/ Greek Honey and Sesame Seeds

6 oz Greek Imported Feta

1 Cup all purpose flour

1 cup bread crumbs

1.5 TB Parsley

2 teaspoons Black Pepper

1 teaspoons Seasoning Salt

2 xl Eggs

1 cup Greek Honey

1 cup sesame seeds

  1. In a bowl break eggs and whisk.
  2. Slice Feta.
  3. Place frying pan over medium heat to warm up.
  4. In another bowl, put bread crumbs and parsley. Lightly mix.
  5. Mix flour, pepper, and seasoning salt in a separate bowl.
  6. Combine dried bowls.
  7. Take Feta, dip in egg batter and then in dry ingredients.
  8. Place in hot pan and cook 2 minutes on each side.
  9. Place in plate and top with honey and sesame seeds.
  10. Serve.