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The Naked Roommate, 6E: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College

Top College Myths

We won’t stay in touch – FALSE.
Keeping in touch with your college student is easier than it ever has been. The challenge is making sure you’re not rushing to solve all of your child’s problems every time they call or text. Give your child permission to be uncomfortable and allow them to take steps toward becoming a self-reliant adult.

They won’t get along with their roommate - MAYBE.
Nearly half of all college students report having some level of difficulty getting along with their roommate. Encourage your child to discuss with their roommate early on how they’re going to handle conflicts, and encourage them to work with a resident assistant if the problem persists.

They’ll get homesick -TRUE.
There is a very good chance that your child will experience some level of homesickness during their first year (61% of college students report feeling homesick). The cure isn’t at home. The best thing a parent can do is remind their child when they’ll see them next, and encourage them to find their place in college.

They won’t find their place on campus - FALSE.
They will, but it takes patience and a game plan. It rarely happens in two weeks or even two months. Encourage your child to get involved, join something and meet as many new people as possible. They need to find people on campus who will support them and love them for who they are.

They’ll experiment with drinking, drugs and sex - MAYBE.
Experimenting doesn’t mean they are destined for destruction. Most students will not overindulge and lose control. Talk about it, and make sure your child is being safe when they’re being stupid.

They’re 100% safe - FALSE.
The vast majority of college students have amazing, wonderful, safe and healthy experiences. College campuses are being more vigilant than ever when it comes to safety and security. Like anywhere your child goes, you cannot ensure 100% safety. Get them the information, training and tools needed so they can best protect themselves.


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