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Dr. Milad Nourahmadi


Avoid sticky candies like Starbursts, jellybeans, caramels, Laffy Taffys, Now ‘n’ Laters that get stuck in your teeth. It’s these candies that you’re most likely to see cavities form from.

After eating sticky candies swish with water, brush and floss your teeth to make sure there isn’t any of the sticky treat left behind.

Better Treat Options:

Xylitol Gum – This gum is sugar free and xylitol will actually help reduce bacteria in the mouth.

Packaged dried fruits – This is a great alternative to packaged fruit chews that are mostly artificial.

Plain Chocolate – This dissolves easily and doesn’t get stuck to the teeth. Avoid those with fillings like caramel. Dark chocolate has even been shown to have some health benefits

Sugar free lollipops – They actually stimulate saliva and help reduce plaque.

Halloween themed items – Have temporary Halloween tattoos, pencils, crayons, etc. on hand to give out to kids who are too little for candy.