Focus on Family: Dr. Tony’s summertime safety tips for pets

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Dr. Tony Kremer
Kremer Veterinary Services


Check your pets at least once a day after walks or trips through wooded areas.

Animals should always have fresh, clean water available, whether it’s summer or the dead of winter. Carry portable water bowls on walks and bring them on vacation or long car rides. Don’t leave dogs tied outside without proper shade and water. Tie-outs should be avoided especially if it is over 70 degrees.

If the temperature is above 65 degrees don’t leave your animal in the car.

Walk in the shade, avoid asphalt.

Groom your dog to get rid of excess hair.

BBQ Warnings:

Corn on the Cob. Dogs often have difficultly digesting corn cobs and this barbeque staple can be a choking/BLOCKAGE hazard.

Fruits with pits. Peaches, avocados and other pitted fruit can be choking/TOXICITY hazards.

Food with bones. Squeaky bone that’s a toy: great. Real bones in food: not so much. Even things like bone-in wings can be very dangerous for your pet, as they may splinter and hurt their GI system, sometimes even piercing their bowels. Avoid the emergency room by not feed your pet anything with bones.

Foods with toothpicks or skewers. An overlooked toothpick or splinter can pierce or make a hole in the intestines.

Hamburger needs to be boiled to drain fat. Some hot dogs contain seasonings that can be toxic (garlic and cherry extracts) and fruits like grapes are very bad.


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