Focus on Family: DIY Mother’s Day gifts

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Chrissy Jones
Beyond the Park

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Summer in a Bucket
Purchase a pail or tote and add some of mom’s favorite things like:
sun hat

Decorated Block of Paper
Take a white notepad cube and put a rubber band around it to hold the pages together. Draw on the sides of the pad using magic markers. Attach a pen with a ribbon.

Decorated Tote
Take a blank canvas tote and place it on a newspaper covered table. Put a piece of cardboard inside the bag so paint doesn’t bleed through. Pour fabric paint on a paper or plastic plate. Have your child put their hand/giner tips in the paint and then decorate the bag.

Heart Pancakes
Prepare your favorite pancake mix according to recipe.  Heat the pan or griddle and grease well.  Grease the heart cookie cutter (easiest to use cooking spray).  Place the cookie cutter onto the pan.  Spoon in enough batter to reach the sides of the cookie cutter. Allow to cook through (pancake will bubble).  Carefully remove cutter and gently flip the pancake over to finish cooking.  Re-oil cutter for next pancake.


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