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Beth Engelman
Mommy on a Shoestring

DIY Costumes

Olaf the Snowman from Frozen
Easy to make costume that’s also a onesie so it is comfortable for babies. All you need is an inexpensive onesie, googly eyes, felt (for the eyebrows, carrot nose) and a hot glue gun.  Tip: If you plan on keeping the costume for longer than one night, I recommend making eyes with felt in lieu of googly eyes to ensure it is machine washable.

Piñata Party Dress.
This costume is a walking fiesta! All you need is an old pillowcase, crepe paper and fabric glue or Mod Podge. Simply cut 2 armholes and a hole for your child’s head in the pillowcase. Then cover the case (starting at the bottom) with rows of colorful crepe paper fringe. Once dry, use your fingers to fluff up with crepe paper to give your piñata a festive look! Tip: Using pillowcases as costumes is an old teacher trick. Pillowcases are perfect for virtually any child costume from creating a nighttime sky (black pillowcase and glow in the dark stars) to ladybugs (red pillowcase, black dots), walking rainbows and more.

Ninja Turtle.
Teenage Mutant Ninjas turtles are all the rage this Halloween. But why put your kid in a store bought costume and plastic mask when you can make it with a foil turkey pan! Craft Ninja, Courtney has a FREE downloadable mask template on her website (You can make the mask with craft foam or felt). Tip: After you paint the shell cover it with a coat of Mod Podge to prevent the paint from chipping.

Who would guess this cute confection is topped with toilet paper! A great last minute costume, all you need is poster board, toilet paper, a grocery bag and glue. Simply trace the outline of a cupcake on poster board Tip: Use a ruler to draw 2 straight edges at the bottom and use paper plates to create the outline of fluffy top. Cover cupcake with toilet paper “frosting” and add crepe paper “sprinkles.” Ribbon is used as a halter so the costume is comfortable and easy to wear.

Fore! It’s a Moving Golf Course.
For those kids who want something off the beaten path. Use AstroTurf (available at hardware stores) or green felt to make a bow tie (2 triangles and circle and glue it to a piece of ribbon) then cover an old vest or jacket (remove the arms) with 2 panels of turf or felt. Top with a hat covered with turf, a golf ball and a “4” flag and voila — you have a costume EVERYONE will remember.

Ceiling Fan.

This topic is close to my heart because rather than letting your kids (especially girls) wear an inappropriate costume, encourage them to be clever and smart with a funny “pun” costume. Can you guess what our model is? (Answer: Ceiling Fan) Note: her T-shirt says: Go Ceiling! And she will hold homemade pom poms and a foam finger.  It’s a great costume because it makes kids think, it’s interactive because friends have to guess what she is AND she can look good and be comfortable. Tip: I found a GREAT website that is chock full of fun pun ideas at which might be a good resource for viewers.