COVID-19: Tips for safely shopping online

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Steve Ginty, Director, Threat Intelligence, RiskIQ

Tips to vet if a mobile app is legitimate 

  • Only download apps from the Apple or Google Play stores
  • Be wary of requesting excessive permissions like access to contacts, texts, and stored passwords 
  • Research the app developer for authenticity

Tips to vet if a browser is legitimate 

  • If following links from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, confirm you end up on the actual website of the retailer you want 
  • Look for an “S” in HTTPS 
  • Be wary of too good to be true deals and/or simple misspellings 

Tips to protect yourself when making an online purchase  

  • Get a credit card just for online purchases
  • Watch for large AND small transactions
  • Don’t enter credit card info if you don’t have to (use Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal or similar)


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