Covid-19 and College Admissions: 3 Rumors, 3 Truths & 3 Predictions

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Dr. Cynthia Colón, host of the national weekly podcast Destination YOUniversity and author of the book Tips, Tales & Truths for Teens

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  • The Rumor: Colleges are scrambling for students, revenue, & applicants
  • The Truth: YES – to 2 of the 3
  • The Prediction: there will actually be an increase in applications this year BECAUSE many colleges across the country have gone Test Optional. More students may believe they have a shot and/or willing to take a shot, so tossing their hat in the ring seems logical – which only drives UP the application numbers.
  • Seniors: Do your homework and create the best list of colleges you can.
  • Sophomores/ Juniors: Start “courting” colleges NOW.  Never too early to get on mailing lists and show your interest. 


  • The Rumor: Colleges once filled spots and revenue with international students, now opening up opportunity for me in my home state.
  • The Truth: While this is true – the international pool will pose a problem for colleges – The TRUTH is international students are attractive for 2 reasons – 1 – they pay the out of state tuition AND they are not awarded financial aid or scholarships.
  • The Prediction: Colleges will be looking for additional out of state students who can afford to pay full tuition. That is how they might most quickly and efficiently close the revenue gap.
  • Seniors: ADD out of state colleges to your list. Even if you are not a full pay – your out of state dollars will matter.
  • Sophomores and Juniors: Start researching scholarships so you come to the table with some ability to pay your part when the time comes.


  • The Rumor: With fewer opportunities to take TESTING – the essays will carry more weight this year.
  • The Truth: While this is true – it has always been true that the essays are where admission folks learn about a student’s character, personality, and values. That continues to be true. However, the TRUTH is – students are still applying to SCHOOL – colleges will look to any quantifiable data in lieu of testing to help decipher what kind of STUDENT you are – including those teacher letters of recommendation.
  • The Prediction: The RIGOR of your curriculum in sophomore, junior and senior year will MATTER MOST! Many do not have grades from spring – which means the semesters prior will carry the day – and for those colleges who render decisions after January – the senior year grades may be the tipping point for an admit or deny.
  • Seniors: Do what you can to take the exam if possible, more than that, senior year grades matter.
  • Sophomores/ Juniors: Ask yourself, can I challenge myself a bit more this year with my course schedule – if the answer is yes – go see your counselor immediately and get the rigor you need and deserve.


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