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Runway Fashion Trends

Black and White
Black and White is a huge trend for spring. Head-to-toe black and white looks very clean and simple, especially when it comes in graphic prints. Introducing another color lessens the impact, so try to stick with variations on the black and white color families, even when accessorizing.

Coco Chanel really popularized this look for women in the 1920s (inspired by the uniforms worn by the sailing crew for the Duke of Westminster, who was a friend of hers), and it’s forever been a staple in modern sportswear. A sailor-stripe top paired with dark denim or white jeans and smart flats is a chic, timeless look. Plus, stripes play well with other patterns, like allover florals, and vertical stripes are wonderfully slimming. We recommend sticking to classic colors like black, white and navy, for a more sophisticated look. With stripes, beware of stretchy fabrics unless you want to highlight your curves. Go for fit-and-flare looks like an A-line dress or looser top with slim denim for a more classic look. Retailers like J.Crew and Gap have great items like striped flats or a blazer so that you can easily play with this trend without committing to the whole look and a high cost.

Bright Colors in New Ways
Although pastels in soft, wearable, flowing fabrics like chiffon and silk are hot for spring, the bright color trend of 2012 is showing no signs of departure. And it’s popping up in fresh forms, like brightly colored lace cocktail dresses, and warm-weather leather, like light trench coats and pleated skirts. Playing with color in new ways like leather and lace is so fun for spring. Look for leather that’s paper-thin and structured cuts like a lambskin shell or pleated skirt so that the fabric stays looking (and feeling) cool in warm weather. For lace you may want to invest a little more and choose higher-quality materials for a look that stays sophisticated. If a cocktail dress is too pricy, pair a quality lace top with vibrant hues in the same color family or a neutral metallic.

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